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DPF Clinic - Mobile DPF Cleaning Specialist



Professional DPF Cleaning and Fault Diagnosis


Stage 1: In Depth DPF Diagnostics:


We carry out an in depth diagnostic test, checking that the key components and sensors are functioning correctly before initiating a DPF clean. Where necessary, further investigation is carried to ensure a successful clean.



Stage 2: The DPF Cleaning Process: 


Using our specialist cleaning system, a carbon cleaning solution is injected into the DPF and soak period is now initiated.  We then run the engine at a fast idle allowing the soak fluid to dissolve the carbon content inside the DPF.  This is then followed by a further injection of the cleaning solution during an engine fast idle cycle and we carry out the flushing process twice.


Stage 3: Live Data and DPF Analysis:

Finally, live data is analysed during a road test to ensure successful DPF regeneration. This is then followed by final parameter checks logging DPF back pressure readings. These readings, before and after, are then reported back to you for your peace of mind. The three stage DPF cleaning process is now complete.





The whole process takes approximately 2 hours to complete and the results speak for themselves, saving our customers £1000's on expensive DPF replacements.   Call us today for price quotes and friendly advice on: 07850 425 466