Fuel Economy Remaps

Our fuel economy remaps save you £££'s at the pumps

With the ever increasing cost of fuel it has become even more important to obtain maximum fuel efficiency from your car as the cost of motoring is constantly rising. We can create bespoke fuel economy remaps that offer upto 20% better MPG for all petrol and diesel engines. This type of remap is well suited to individuals, company cars and fleet vehicles that cover substantial mileage per year and will pay of itself in no time.


By fine tuning the map to increase low RPM torque and reduce the engines tendency to over fuel at lower RPM, dramatic MPG improvements can be achieved with the added bonus of some extra power and much smoother acceleration.


What to expect from a fuel economy remap

  • Upto 20% increase in MPG
  • Upto 30% more torque
  • Smoother acceleration
  • Better engine performance
  • Improved motorway cruising performance

For price quotes and more information about how our Economy Remaps can save you money please call or text: 07850 425 466